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Hi! Check out my latest Matrixbrute videos!

If you like, down there i also added patches from my demo video, due to popular demoand on social media.


Download Matrixbrute patches

Here you can download patches from video, and some more, 41 patches in total. 2 of them, are reworked factory presets (EDM king and Fuzzbass), all other are custom.

All you have to do, is import that file into your MIDI Control Center and then, transfer those to your synthesizer

Im giving those for free, that was not my intention at first, so those might be rough, and without macro controlls assigned etc.

BUT, if you like my work, you can donate me with the button bellow, to help me with future projects. I could probably create bigger patch library in the future, with macro features and more variety, if there will be demand for this!

Bellow, i have put some additional info about some patches, as some of them might be tricky, also most of them are nice foundation for your own ideas, if you know what to tweak!


Info about some patches:

A1 Bass and arp if you click Here you can check how used this path in another video, its in polish, but the jam itself is international ;)

B1 Seq Drums Its a framework drum sequence, it uses various techniques of triggering different things from one patch

E1 Riff2 Try to play with both filter resonances and brute factors/drives

G1 Drum and bass Another framework, drum sequence on left hand section in duo split mode, and bass in right hand section, try your best to tweak that idea!

H1, I1, J1 Variations of similar idea, with two sequences in duo split mode, you have to find right relation between notes in both sections

K1 Arp Try to fine tune VCO1 > VCO2 modulation knob

L1 Duo split jam Its last patch from video, there are many possible notes combinations that sounds good between both sections, also mod wheel changes sequence from minor to major

M1 Coletrane sync Sequenced variation of patch C4, try to unsync oscillators. Also, sequence is playing over "coletrane pentatonic", which allows you to use chords from dorian and melodic minor modes

B2, B3 Those patches are reworked factory patches, EDM king and Fuzzbass, i think i achieved more bass, punch and volume out of those two, but nothing entirely new here

C2 Rumble noise Pad I was trying to create "rumble noise", like noise which is not constant, but happens now and then

I3 Vinyl sines You might need to crank up the voulme here. Also, note that the Ladder filter is self oscillating here as a drone, you might need to tune it to your music

K3 Slow strings I used that patch in This video for some "modular" action

C4 Touch distortion It very velocity sensitive!

D4 Formant lead Its vowel lead, sounds cool as bass and funky lead. Try to play with both filters cutoff together, and one by one, to create different formant fx

E4 Screaming filter Change modwheel modulation towards filters cutoffs on matrix, to create different ranges of "screams", also try to play with reso and cutoffs

Column 5 is all about single drum hits. You can tweak various parameters here, like env. ammount and filter env. stages of ladder filter to shape kick, or decay for hihats

All other patches, that can be heard in the video, and are not in the pack, are stock factory presets

Check other videos:



Here you can check my Deepmind creations

There is patch creation series, categorized by type of sound, finished with the song created with deepmind only

A have also created Max for Live app, that turns Deepmind into powerfull midi controller, you can download it bellow


Patch creation series for Deepmind (open in youtube to check other parts from playlist):


Fishman TriplePlay

As im mainly a guitarist, im working with the synths not only with typical midi controllers, but also with guitar controllers

Back in the days, i was using Roland GK-3 system and synths, but today im working mainly with the Fishman Tripple Play

Bellow you can download app for Max for Live i have created, that fixes some tracking problems, notes hangs and help you manage with sounds and presets in Live.

Also, it really helps to create "separate strings" synths, allowing you to use polyphonic pitch bends, if you want best guitar feeling while playing virtual synths


Fishman TriplePlay control center for Max for Live


Full manual is included in the .zip file.

Note, that this is beta version, so it might be buggy. Full feature list:

- Saving up to 20 presets, that store and recall all functions described bellow, with a single knob
- Velocity filter for each separate string
- Variable empty string filter
- Natural harmonics filter
- Velocity monitor for better setup
- Alternate tuning for each string
- Chain selector controller for sound modules
- Send tracks knobs for FX group of the synths
- Mapable aftertouch and modwheel controlers
- Hold button with optional “block incoming notes” function
- Controller for Triple Play hardware mode preset number
- Additionally, it fixes “hang notes” bug, which was the actual reason to create this device for me


Here is some of my recent music colaborations!

Chceck videos bellow, if you want to see some actions involving synths, guitars (and synth guitars) and live looping with Ableton Live!


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